Jag Talon|


Web Designer + Frontend Engineer

Jag Talon

Philadelphia, PA

I care about amplifying people’s voices. I care about helping people. I care about other people’s success. I care about technology.

Hey there.

I'm Jag Talon, and I build websites. I blog about my experiences on the web at https://www.alwaysawip.club/, and I interview amazing people about their habits, how they got to where they are now, and what their day-to-day life is like on my podcast at https://friendstalkfrontend.com/.

✌️ I know how to communicate. I've been a remote employee at DuckDuckGo for 5 years now, and I learned a lot about managing my time, ways to avoid being lonely, and most importantly, communicating with a global team distributed across time zones. I learned a lot about updating people about my project, work, and life.

✌️ I care about technology. I worked to start a conversation in DuckDuckGo about accessibility and the things that we can do to add it to our current development and design process. I also keep myself woke about the effects of technology by reading and listening to works like Technically Wrong and Weapons of Math Destruction.

✌️ I care about helping people. I started a blog called Always a Work in Progress that aims to help newcomers in this industry.

✌️ I started a podcast called Friends Talk Frontend last year where I interview people who I look up to in the tech (specifically web) world. I'm conscious about who I interview and what we talk about so that I can make tech approachable to listeners. I was at Codepen's podcast (https://blog.codepen.io/2017/05/30/132-jag-talon/) talking about that as well.