Jag Talon|


Working at DuckDuckGo

I’ve been working at DuckDuckGo for 5 years now, and I’ve seen it grow from 15 people to 35 people. I’ve worked as an open source maintainer and, recently, have been leading web design and programming for user education.

I’ve worked on a Backbone.js-like framework for programming and Sketch for design.

I love the process—for both design and programming. Being able to work remotely with other people through Github and Asana has really helped with my communication skills.

Developer + Designer

Sketching out the required elements in the UI for the newsletter page.

Sketch with an example content.

Desktop Wireframes

Mobile Wireframes

Donations page. I worked on implementing this with a coworker.

Dropdown menu was a design and programming project that I lead for user education.